Food for pen

No Blank  page to be left No blank stare to be had Be yourself… No, it’s not my attempt at English Language poetry, far from it. It’s just one of my favourite past-times: play on words. Words, letters, comas and full stops are there to be played with. I do not know much about grammar, … More Food for pen

If only I knew…

Dear Svetlana, I bring you Good Tidings to your 2006… Please don’t rush. Please do not go into hospital for this dreaded operation. “C” monster is not the end of the world or road. Wait. Listen. Seek. There is a way for you to be healthy, strong, energetic and happy woman and mother without cutting out a … More If only I knew…

Bliss you Marriage

I am blessed. I’ve had an epiphany. I know now, what is Epitome of married life is. No, it’s not a house-husband. I’d kill myself if that was the case. This is my step-dad. My daughter’s one and only grandad. He’s been long-haul truck driver most of his life. He loves fishing and poker, comedies and Russian … More Bliss you Marriage

If you lie to me

Sweet Little Lies are deep, sweet and a bit tangy drink that we’d rather get drunk on… They are sweet. They are pretty. They are an escape from reality, from truth that is ugly, from truth that hurts. This Saturday morning I conducted a quick research in my own kitchen. I’ve asked my parents, my daughter … More If you lie to me

Spare a moment

Why don’t you Spare a moment for… to see the sky first thing in the  morning, when you walk out of the house to watch street lights running by when you are driving at night to watch sea wave licking the shore   to listen to the quiet of the suburban street when the rush hours … More Spare a moment

Текст без смысла, на то он и “текст”

Когда не знаешь, о чем писать и что писать, пиши именно об этом – о дырке в мозгах. Пиши о состоянии, когда ты ни о чем не можешь думать, как бы не морщила лоб и не сдвигала брови. Ну, нет мыслей и все тут. Нет идей. Нет плана. Нет героев и героинь. Да и настроения … More Текст без смысла, на то он и “текст”

Live and learn

Learning There is a saying in Russian that translates into something like ‘live a century, learn a century’. I think there is a similar saying in every possible language on Earth. The one in English is ‘live and learn’. It basically means, we never stop learning. As long as we live, breathe, think, feel or … More Live and learn

Что-то мне не пишется

Я не пишу. Уже много лет ничего не пишу. Вернее не так, я пишу только то, что связано с работой, с бизнесом. Я помогаю дочери писать сочинения и рефераты. Я пишу сценарии и радио-программы. Но “своего” я уже давно ничего не пишу. Раньше я писала постоянно. Когда мне было больно я писала особенно много и, … More Что-то мне не пишется