My bucket list

This post has to be in English
1) because I grew up in Austrslia and hit adulthood in English
2) because thoughts of death, dying, passing, end assaulted me in English, in cold words of the doctors and professors. It was at their expensive and non-committing appointments that I realised how easy it was for me to end, to stop being, to never see my daughter grow up, to never fall in love (me that is as well as my daughter).

This is why this pist absolutely has to be in English. It would be to painful in the Language of my home, my carefree childhood and my first crushes and sorrows…

My Bucket List

1. To see Greek Islands
2. To climb Tower of Pisa and Eiffel Tower
3. To have coffee in Paris, Milan and Rome
4. To see Washington and visit library of Congress
5. To see Vatican
6. To build a home… again
7. To walk with tigers
8. To see White Nights… again
9. To be continued


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