Grain of salt is way better

than Grain of truth, don’t you think?

No matter how many times they tell you that truth is always better. Sometimes, you’d love to be lied to, to be protected, to be in the unknown, to be ignorant. At those times, you much prefer to laugh it off, to smile it off, to kiss it off or to flip your hair and walk past.

grain of saltHowever, nice and kind people insist on telling you the truth, revealing you the dark secrets, showing you the other side of the Moon. Why? What possessed them?

Give me my grain of salt any time (I will spill it over my left shoulder to keep myself from evil). I’d rather not know. I think… No, I know, that I’d rather not know the painful, non-revocable, non-erasable truth. As it turns out, I’d prefer to be an emu, hiding my head in the sand than braving it on, accepting the huge and mighty, the truth.

I’m talking betrayal here, what else. I am talking something that has no return point if uncovered. However, if uncovered might turn out to be a mistake, might turn out to be a passing incident and just might mean nothing. No outcome. No repercussions.

Grain of truth… take it back. I’m begging you, take it back, unspeak it, unwrite it, unsee it. truthIf this is the truth, I’d prefer salt. I’d prefer anything but.  I am begging you, take it back.

Hold on a second, I am not a weak winy person. I do not beg. I do not cry. I do not listen to anyone but myself. I need to see it to believe it, as they say. I’d take your truth with a grain of salt and spill it over my left shoulder, to keep me from evil…

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