Sweet Little Lies are deep, sweet and a bit tangy drink that we’d rather get drunk on…

sweet little liesThey are sweet. They are pretty. They are an escape from reality, from truth that is ugly, from truth that hurts.

This Saturday morning I conducted a quick research in my own kitchen. I’ve asked my parents, my daughter and some of my friend what they think about the very concept of “sweet little lies”. Their responses were very different but not surprising

  • we all rather hear a nice, complex, a touch unbelievable story than the truth
  • we know the truth anyway. Thus, it is our conscious decision to accept the sweet leaky package
  • if we can tell a lie we will to save a situation (to protect loved ones, to protect a relationship, to save ourselves)
  • we tell the truth in instances when we do not care about consequences.
  • we tell the truth when we really need help
  • we tell lies when we want to hide

lie to me

I loved these TV series “Lie to me”. They were amazing, thought-provoking, scary at times. I was always impressed at how the main character worked it all out. It’s a whole science – uncovering the truth. It’s ugly, thorough, painful, cold and hard and way too complex and deep.

However, the point is, was he ever happy? Could he ever relax and let go, enjoy his life, people, his family? Big fat NO. NEVER. He was doomed.

We people are social creatures and very weak survivors. We want comforts and luxuries. We want others to like us and to love us. We want families and circles of friends. We want to climb career ladders and protect our children. We want to save our parents’ a heartache and support our partners’ self-esteem.

In short, we are all for sweet little lies in moderation, as they are a necessary evil of our social existence…

How’s that for Saturday morning?





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