Spare a moment

Why don’t you Spare a moment for…

  • to see the sky first thing in the  morning, when you walk out of the house
  • to watch street lights running by when you are driving at night
  • to watch sea wave licking the shore  20160417_181344[1]
  • to listen to the quiet of the suburban street when the rush hours runs out
  • to taste chocolate bar, to really taste it
  • to pat your old dog and to tell her that she is a beautiful puppy  20160423_091847[1]
  • to think of your child and smile at the thought just because
  • to remember something funny an to laugh out loud just to shake the weight of the day off
  • to read a random page from the book you’ve been planning to read for a long time
  • to write a daily post for WordPress and to promise yourself you’d right again and again
  • to talk to your Angels
  • to listen to your Angels

Why don’t you spare a moment to live, to enjoy, to laugh, to dream. It’s so little and a lot. It’s good for you, trust me.

Now, do a silly dance with your teenage daughter and start your day smiling.


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