Bliss you Marriage

I am blessed. I’ve had an epiphany. I know now, what is Epitome of married life is.

20160528_151109[1]No, it’s not a house-husband. I’d kill myself if that was the case.

This is my step-dad. My daughter’s one and only grandad. He’s been long-haul truck driver most of his life. He loves fishing and poker, comedies and Russian food. He is a very much White Wog Man.

However, he is our husband-dad-grandad. He knows that all three of us need to be fed, clothed, entertained, protected, spoiled and kept safe at night. Moreover, he is the source of our entertainment (if only he knew I put his picture up here…).

What I meant by ‘epitome of married bliss’ is a combination of facts, feelings, emotions, states of mind, body and soul. Watching my parents for over 30 years I am slowly and sometimes painfully realising that ‘happily ever after’ is not driving off into sunset and waving from the balcony of the castle.

It is day after day, night after night, in sickness and in health co-habitation with your partner (in our case with your partner and her daughter and now her daughter). We’ve seen a lot. We’ve felt a lot. We’ve been through hell and back so many times nothing is impossible or unexpected any more. It’s being so comfortable with each other, you don’t have to pretend, to be on your good behavior, to hold your tongue, to wear your clothes (yeap, right, even that).

It’s waking up to the smell of pancakes just because it’s Saturday and the youngest lady in the house (she is the one wearing a crown in our family) wishes so. It’s seeing your father wearing an apron to protect his shirt (because it’s easier to look silly than to survive the wrath of your wife). It’s telling your teenage daughter off and knowing that no matter how much they love her, your parents will always be on your side.

Epitome of married life is COMFORT, is being yourself, is having someone in your life who knows you through and through and is still with you.

Epitome of married bliss is YEARS TOGETHER. It’s too late for me, but might daughter has a chance. I hope she finds it…

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