Castle in the clouds

My Imaginary Friend grew up to be me… I think

castle in the cloudsMy Princes Iliza (this is exact spelling of the name I made up) has been with me as long as I can remember being able to form sentences in my head. Forever))).

My Princess lives in the castle in the clouds, has a wide variety of magical powers at her disposal (powers manifest depending on the situation).

Her castle is inhabited by magical creatures, princess’ extended family and every person who came into my life and passed through it.

Life in this castle is a second chance of sort for every situation, for every person, for every feeling and every thought I’ve ever had. Besides being an escape for me (my parents used to leave me at home alone a lot), my castle was and is a way for me to deal with it all.

Death, pain, betrayal, lies, crushes, love – Iliza helped me with it all. She can do anything. She can overcome anything. She is the most powerful woman in the Universe. I always felt safe and protected when I was with her.

Iliza kept coming and going through my life. She was growing up with me. She even got married at some point. Then, she disappeared completely.

She came back when I became a mum. Iliza became an endless source for bedtime stories for my daughter. Vic learned a lot through magic and adventures in the clouds.

Every now and then I am considering to put Iliza’s adventures on paper but it is not happening. May be it’s not the right time just yet. May be Iliza still has something to say in my life. We will see…

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