Food for pen

No Blank  page to be left

No blank stare to be had

Be yourself…

No, it’s not my attempt at English Language poetry, far from it. It’s just one of my favourite past-times: play on words. Words, letters, comas and full stops are there to be played with. I do not know much about grammar, but I do enough to use it and mis-use it and find, sometimes, creative ways with making up words and structures. Who can blame a girl with wild imagination?

blank page Blank page is blank canvas for creativity. It’s an open space for me to run wild.

I’ve always had weakness for all things stationary. Even now, I have about a thousand pen and hundreds of notebooks lying around my study. God forbid anyone touches any of them. They are sacred.

I filled blank pages even when I did not know how to write. I covered them with scribbles and vanguard designs. I could not help it. I could not let any blank page to pass me by.

Having a fresh notebook with it’s beautiful smooth blank pages brings out an urge for me to write, even if I am not planning to, even if I have no ideas formed in my head. Blank pages do weird things to me…

On the other hand, blank pages are not only food for pen but very filling and expanding food for thought. Yes, you’ve read it correctly. Blank pages are food for thought.

A while ago I wrote in one of my blogs in Russian that the best part in the whole ‘Twilight’ saga for me was the part with blank pages. I believe it was the beginning of ‘New Moon’.

Several pages filled with absolutely nothing, white, virgin, untouched. However, these were the best pages of the whole story. They were full of agony, despair, depression, loss, pain, hurt, impossiblessness of living and inability to leave… They were amazing. They were the best Bella.

Here we go. I love my blank pages for many reasons. I love them, full stop. They can tell you so much and they can let you talk. And in our day, a nice conversation is a great rarity))) Don’t you think

3 thoughts on “Food for pen

  1. Blank pages are full of potential. They are what you make of them. Keep them dreams waiting to be written out, or write a best-selling novel on them. Your choice. In my opinion, a completely blank piece of paper is an obstruction, a road-block. I need at least one sentence out on it, then my mind starts working. It gives me a sense of hope that if I have started writing, I have a chance of making it great when I finish. This was a good read! Please check out my take on the prompt at


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