Just add water – adventure awaits

Adventure is a word ‘filthy with possibilities’ (c) I read today in the Daily Post post (forgive my tautology)… it is. It is filthy. It is dripping. It is rolling on your tongue with endless options, tricks and treasure.

Adventure is the name. Whatever is the essence.

Life is an adventure onto itself, don’t you think. Every day that we wake up gives us endless possibilities.

Everything that happens to us is an adventure, every each one.

Everything that we make happen is an adventure. Some we like and enjoy. Some we hate and try to forget. However, the point has been made.

We are the biggest adventurers of our own lives. We do not need to read about all these exciting things and places in the books or watch on TV. We just need to make them happen. To each their own.

For me, a real adventure is water. Everything and anything to do with water. Water attracts me, scares me, calls for me and spits me out. It’s in my blood. It’s in my subconsciousness.

Every time I come across any body of water I feel excitement, joy, hope for some magical beauty and amazing secretes to be revealed.

I love it all: lakes and ponds, reservoirs and rivers. But my biggest passion is ocean, open ocean at that. Even walking on its shore is an adventure. You never know if you’d be swept of your feet or knocked down, end up wet or find some gift.


Water, ocean water is full of magic, promise, power and strength. I love it and I am a bit scared of it too, respectfully scared.

Just add water, just find a shore, just find a rock and some seashells. Open your ears, open your heart and soul. Listen. Just listen. You’ll know what I am talking about.

Make your own adventures))). Go for it


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