Why can’t you just love and live…

Have you noticed a very sad and dis-heartening tendency in popular media (fiction, movies, etc): a real love, a love of your life, a love that is truly, deeply, madly is the love for a dying person.

Apparently, to fall in love, to feel the love back and to live happily ever after is not in fashion any more. What a sad turn of events.

Let me give you an example.

untamed heart.jpgRemember this beautiful, but sad story? What a guy? What a love? What an end?

How about this one

sweet novemberYeah, to be loved by Keanu… and to look like Charlize… I love them both to bits. I cried my eyes out watching this movie (I saw it just when I had cancer myself…). But once again, what an end…

A more recent example,

love and other drugs

and a final one up-to date

me before you This is the story of the day. I’ve cried twice: first time when I read the last pages of the book first (being Gemini this is what I do) and then when I actually read the whole story.

Surprisingly, this book made me to look at euthanasia from a different angle…

However, the point of my blog is  why do such amazing, beautiful people fall in love with death and dying? Why do we need to equal love and tears in such a way? Why can’t Keanu of this world fall in love with healthy, strong, beautiful women and to build future together?

Does it all steam from the fact that love and life are temporary truths? There is nothing permanent in this world. May be it is because, shorter the time stronger the feelings and emotions, passions and experience.

Well, I will never know for sure.

One can say that all of the examples above are stories of changes, of development, of growth. Yeah, right. The other halves of those relationships (the ones left to live) have grown, have evolved to n-th degree. Their lives have been changed by those loves completely. This is true.

But why can’t the same be true without the other person dying? Why can’t we change, develop, evolve next to the person we love, living ‘happily ever after’.


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