Pain and sorrow are not to be shared

we are lone.jpg

We are all alone when in pain and in sorrow. We are all alone when misfortune and grief strikes our hearts, our families and our homes.

I can even take this further: our unhappiness, sorrow, grief are ‘infectious diseases’, leprosy of sorts. People are scared of it. People steer away from it. People tend to pretend they’ve lost sense of hearing, feeling or don’t have time for us and ours…

I am speaking from experience…

A few years ago, I was scheduled for an operation the next day after my birthday. You should have seen my friends… They  came, they brought flowers. They couldn’t look me in the eye. The conversation did not flow. Jokes were flat. My friends could not wait to get away from me, to run, to forget, to put distance between me and my illness… Mind you, I’ve never seen most of them ever again.

A few months ago my grandmother passed away… None of my friends came around. None of them came to the funeral or to the wake. One special person… well, he did not come either. Condolences did not stretch beyond sms on the mobile. Once again, I was all alone with my grief, with numerous problems and arrangements, with grieving mum and dad and with scared and sad daughter. I handled it all. I pulled through…

I don’t blame anyone. We have our own lives to live and our own choices to make. I simply draw conclusions.

Don’t get attached to people. Don’t let them in. Don’t expect anything from them. Don’t get disappointed.

Don’t call them friends…

And then you wonder why Queen is Snow)))

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