Once upon a birthday. Part 1

This year I’ve run away.

First, I thought mountains would be my haven, but no… the calling of the ocean would not be quietened.

Phillip Island is the choice

20160617_133328[1].jpgOnce I got here (just over 1 hour driving from home) I decided I wanted to see something I haven’t seen before

Penguins Parade, The Nobbies, Chocolate Factory, Mini-Golf

I’ve seen them all and I will see some of them tomorrow. Today was the day for new impressions, sights, smells and emotions.

Ocean called out to me. I drove to heed its calling and ended up in Rhyll

20160617_124132[1]Mind you, those parrots were not scared of me or my car at all…


Then I… followed a purple hen sign (some people follow white rabbits, some follow black chickens. I followed a purple hen to a winery with the same name.

There, I got myself a pre-birthday present

to take home when I leave this wonderful place…

Then, I went looking for Swan Lake (there is such a place here). What I found first was Pyramid Rock


And then… ocean ‘had me at first wave’

I eventually found Swan Lake but to tell you the truth I’ve chickened out walking for 2 km to it by myself… Winter, dusk, all by myself in the coastal woods… nope

Here is how far I got


Stay tuned for more travel updates))) and stay warm

I am off looking for mulled wine…

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