How was it, really

Every hero has his/her Origin Story. I am (Snow Queen) is not an exception.


Do you really think I was born icy cold and tough? Do you really think that I never really loved anyone? No, it is impossible. It is impossible to be as beautiful as myself and… anyhow, just sit back and listen. Listen and learn.

Once upon a time a relatively young and handsome prince accidentally ended up in the fairyland. He felt lost but curious, tired and hungry. He explored…

I have tried to translate the Russian version of my origins story, but it turned out to be a hard work. I’ve asked some of my friends to read it and let me know what are the most important points of the story, so I can translate it better… I am still waiting for their responses.

However, the main point, IMHO is ‘Snow Queen was not born evil, far from it. She became e… no. She became powerful, strong, free, cold and calm ruler because of the lessons she’s learnt along the way’.

As another famous blonde has put it


Keep watching this space for more from my origin story

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