Quotes to follow you

Have you ever?

Have you ever heard/read a quote that you’d follow like a mantra, like a guiding light? Have you ever seen a quote that resonated with you on all or some levels?

Or have you ever heard a quote that would follow you? Around. For a day. For a week. A quote that would disappear and come back one day unexpectedly and be so right and fit so well…

I have. I do. I will.

I’ve even started a quote notebook, several of them. I’ve lost some of them or thrown them out. But there are quotes I remember and like, love even. There are quotes that, like old letters from your loved ones, come back and bring back certain memories, feelings, realisations.

Today I picked a book of the shelf that I call ‘read it and give it away’. This time it was one of Colin Dexter Inspector Morse novels.

It starts with a quote

“Quickly, bring me a beaker of wine, so that I may wet my mind and say something clever” – ARISTOPHANES

I don’t know about you but some quotes bring me a certain joy, a feeling of wander, wonder and curiosity, of wanting to know more, read more, write more. It’s like finding a seashell on the shore that would keep you amazed because of its uniqueness, completeness and mere sense of existence and being in your hand, being with you, being for you…


One thought on “Quotes to follow you

  1. I connect to a lot of quotes that give me joy, inspire, motivate me and bring me peace as well.
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