Once upon a Birthday. Part 2

I’ve run away

I wanted to hide. I wanted space, air, ocean, wind and even rain. I wanted to start afresh. I wanted to be re-born.

I was allowed space and quiet. I was allowed space to dream

What a place to dream. What a place to start afresh


In the morning, on the day of my actual birthday I had no plans. I had no thoughts. I went out. I had yummy breakfast. This, above, was my breakfast view. Then, I went for a walk along the seashore. I wondered aimlessly. I was at the mercy of winter sun and sea winds. I was happy

Cowes on Phillip Island is a very small place (by Melbourne-megapolis standards). However, It’s grown immensely within last couple of years. Now, you (I) can actually live there for a few days in full comfort.

There are new place to stay. There are much more places to eat. But what has not changed and what’s more important than anything else (for me) is ocean, beach, air, space, life…

Birthday is not a birthday without presents, right? Right. So, I gave myself one. I bought a trip to… Seals Rocks. What a present it turned out to be…

No comments necessary, don’t you think?

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