Don’t you ‘Dear Diary’ me…

Have you ever started a diary?

What am asking??? You are bloggers. Thus, diaries are part of your lives, part of your essence even.

Yes, you know all about diaries, journals, notebooks, sketchbooks etc.

I do too. Or I think I do. I’ve started numerous diaries throughout my life, but never kept one for a long time, never been persistent or diligent. I still have some started diaries lying around in the nooks of my house. What a ‘stationary crazy’ person can resist a beautiful journal and blank pages? Not me.

What am I getting at, you might ask? I am getting to the point of ‘Dear Diary’. It’s like a calling, an aching, an itching… It’s like the curse of the blank page or screen. It’s magic and a spell.

‘Dear Diary’ can be a beginning of something wonderful. It can open doors, souls, hearts. It can open flood gates. It can open creativity and imagination. Life is your oyster when you have written those 2 magic words.

What are you going to write next?

blank page

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