Wishing upon a Moon

There are many places and auspicious times to make a wish. How about every minute of every day? Yeah, right. I wish, I wish, I wish…

Anyhow, I’ve read somewhere quite recently that it’s a good thing to write your wish list every New Moon (every month). You need to write them in a beautiful journal with a nice pen, sitting outside and watching New Moon (not a Twilight installment, but a real sky body). Once you’ve written your wishes, leave them be. Check your wishes the next new moon and cross out those that came true. Easy? Absolutely.

So, my dear friends, I’ve been doing just that for the past few month. A very funny exercise, I must tell you. You’d be surprised what ends up in one’s wish list. The most unexpected things.

They all seem important and beautiful enough when you wish them. However, some of them seem completely unnecessary or ridiculous even when you read them the next time… Thus, most of them end up being crossed out…

Therefore, judging by the look of my last month’s wish list, most of my wishes did come true))) or became false)))

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