Degas… surpisingly

I was talking about ‘countdowns’ the other day, wasn’t I? I was looking for something that would keep me on the task, that would push me on, make me be persistent, responsible and boringly regular… Here is an example of ‘countdown’ I experienced in real life. Degas Exhibition at National Gallery of Victoria is running out. … More Degas… surpisingly


When your Rare find is worthless to others… I got a train to work today. When I came to the station, I’ve noticed that there is more space, more sky, more… emptiness. It took me a few seconds to realise that the trees were gone. THE TREES WERE GONE.  Like all of them. All the old, beautiful, … More Worthy(less)

When do we give up?

It’s Monday morning in Melbourne. The beginning of the week. The beginning of something exciting, interesting, wonderful – the beginning of NOW and THEN… However, here I am, fresh out of shower. I haven’t had my water yet. I haven’t brewed my coffee yet. Here I am, sitting at the dining room table thinking of … More When do we give up?