Making a Connection in our super-connected world is extremely difficult. It’s a sweaty work at best. It is absolutely impossible sometimes.

Finding a friend. It was difficult in our ‘yard system’ let alone in our technologically-savvy playgrounds. We are (our kids that is) are constantly on iPhones or Androids, on snapchat or Viber… you name it. They connect. They communicate. They are updating, posting, poking, liking, sharing… and they are completely and utterly alone.

Finding a love. Oh, gosh, don’t even start me here. We are so set in our ways, so afraid to loose what’s ours, that we can’t cross the line between virtual and real to save our souls. We can chat for hours on dating web-sites and above-mentioned Viber, Facebook, etc. But to make a date or, what a wonder, to keep a date, this is beyond our capability. We are hiding behind the curtain of virtual reality. We are keeping our tiny worlds intact. We are scared. We are disconnected while being connected via so many platforms and apps. We are shadows.

We are shadows of what we used to be? Some of us.

Remember the times when you could just come up to a boy or a girl in the playground and say: ‘Hi, my name is Svetlana. Let’s play’. It was that easy. It worked all the time (or most of the time). If it did not work you’d just moved on to the next child…

Remember the times… What a ‘old people’ phrase, don’t you think? How about our times? What’s wrong with them? They are what we make them to be, isn’t it? Right. So, the question is, how do we stay connected? How do we make a connection?

How about we open up our inner child, our naivety, our carefree nature? How about we stump on our fears, preconceptions, past mistakes and failures. How about that?

Let’s start again. Making a connection in our days and time is easy…

Hi, my name is Svetlana. Let’s play…


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