Good morning, world…

Good Morning, world – has become a habit for me lately.


I do not remember how it started. I do not remember exactly why. Every morning when I first come out of the house I smile and say ‘good morning world’ to the outside world, no matter what day, weather, time it is or mood I am in.

Once I do that, my mood improves. My smile is wider. My eyes are brighter. Honest truth. Once you say good morning to the world, world is saying it back. It’s nicer. It’s warmer. It’s better. Somehow, it’s full of promises and wonderful and exciting things. Your road is straighter. Your step is firmer. Your back is straighter.

Trust me. Try it. Try it for 21 day (some people say this is a period of time for a habit to form). You have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

What if world has prepared a surprise for you? Something exciting. May be it is going to be a gift, a miracle, a victory? What if? And you don’t even say good morning. Being polite is the simplest thing to do…

good morning.jpg

Say ‘good morning, world’ tomorrow and you’ll see for yourself)))

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