Zoosk my day away

I am, once again, on the yellow brick road of dating online. Don’t laugh or cry or roll your eyes.

Every now and then I decide to give online dating a go. I get all serious and sincere, fill in a profile and even pay money for subscription. Then… I get frustrated, angry and annoyed and give up, close of and go on with my life.

It is almost spring in Ozz. Thus, all this pink and fluffy nonsense about flowering, blossoming, falling in love, pairing, coupling, courting, etc. And, unbeknownst to me, Zoosk add appeared on my Android today. Hello? What’s up? Why me? Me? Seriously? Honestly? Why not.

Here I am, writing this post after I just filled in my profile on Zoosk… What am I expecting? Honestly? A miracle. May be, just may be this time around I’d meet someone. May be I’d find a nice man to talk to, go on a date or two. Just may be. Well, hope dies the last, doesn’t it…

online dating

Some quick notes on on-line dating

  • Is it just me, or men in sunglasses look stupid or even suspicious. How can you possibly think someone might like you if you hide your eyes
  • Is it me or naked or half-naked men are a big turn-off when it comes to profile picture
  • Is it me or a photo with your ex is a big no no on dating sites
  • Never married by the age of 40+ a reason for caution?
  • Men who start conversation with a woman with dirty talk, sick, demented, stupid? Or all of the above

What are your thoughts?

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