Dish best not served

Today we have Memory on the Menu


It is best served with a glass of red or white or something stronger.

It is best served on a plate, on a tray, on a platter surrounded with all the thoughts that have run in your head to call up this particular memory.

It is best served first thing in the morning before you even properly wake up or last thing at night before you doze off (it might cause insomnia… remember that)…

It is best served when you least expect it. It is a chief-surprise. It’s a dish of the day, night… It comes up in conversation. It calls for forgotten emotion. It brews somewhere close to the surface waiting to explode into millions of bubbles…

Memory is a very volatile dish. It does not have a detailed recipe. It never looks like a picture. It never tastes as we’d hope it would. It always leaves an aftertaste.

As the good book says, leave memories be. Don’t dwell on the past. Live in the now and all that esoteric positive thinking. Thus, take your memories off your daily menu. Try it for a day or two… Just try

However… there are sweet memories. They can be served daily. They can be savored and taken a tiny taste or sip at a time.

The smell of summer, the sounds of spring. The taste of the bread in that small shop in you hometown. The feel of young sticky leaves in the spring. The sound of the Black Sea in that very memorable summer… Keep those memories handy. They are like a secret chocolate stash – always needed…



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