BAD MOMS are the best

I am in love with Mila Kunis. I am all over in love with her. True. Honest. It is partially because she is Russian. It is partially because she reminds me of my baby cousin. And it’s mostly because she is amazing. Moreover, now, being a mum herself, Mila can play a perfect ‘bad mom’.

By the way, the movie is the must see for all mums, dads, daughters, sons and grandparents. It’s uplifting, revealing, thought-provoking and awe-exhaling event. Also, it is laugh till you piss your pants (mums would get it).

bad moms2

We are mums. We absolutely love our young. We love them unconditionally. We’d do anything for them. We protect them at all cost. We mama-bear them. We…. you get the gist.

However, we need to remember to live, breathe, have our coffees and have our drinks with girls… to keep us sane.

bad moms

We need to remember to take ourselves out and go watch this movie

It’s worth it

bad moms1

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