Secret cravings are the best

Topic of the day is Craving.


When you say ‘craving’, what comes to mind? Pregnant woman with unexpected and peculiar cravings just because she is going through the most amazing, unexplained, miraculous transformation, right?

You are absolutely right. Pregnant women do have millions of cravings or none at all (like myself). However, all humans have cravings. I guess, all living things have cravings. Well, I would not go as far as to claim a tree outside my window has particular craving for the soil on my side of the fence rather than my neighbors, but…

My point is, we crave. We crave all the time. Nutritionists and medical professionals try explain away our cravings by telling us we are lacking this or that in our diet, body, health. They are right of course, but what if our cravings are not food-related? What if we crave something else?

What if we crave intimacy? What should we eat for that?


What if we crave affection? Is there a vegetable or a grain that would tame this ache?


What if we absolutely have to have a person to go to the movies with? What if every movie date by yourself making us even sadder than we were before we went to the movies? Is there a fruit or berries to up our mood and feel the void?

movie date

What if we crave not to be alone? What if our all-consuming craving is to find OUR person? Can we just eat a chocolate, a mandarin, drink a glass of water and rest?

Why don’t we?

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