When everything goes wrong on a sunny day…

If you read my blog, you know about my habit of saying ‘good morning to the world’

So, today was the best day to say good morning too. Bright blue sky. Sun shining. Spring is in the air. It’s almost-almost spring in Ozz. Yeah, the day started of so well. It had so many promises. It held so many positive thoughts, emotions and ideas.


Today of all days I realised that I’ve had enough of one-way pseudo relationship. I’ve realised it many times before (with the same person) but I somehow persisted. I’ve changed my angle from a prospective girlfriend to a prospective friend. I’ve changed my tone. I’ve changed my attitude… But the result is the same. It’s one way street all the way. I’ve had enough. Even my relationship with a mail man is more mutual than this one.

Moreover, I’ve actually got upset and told this person off. Somehow, someway… today.

Today of all days I had to find out an ugly truth about another friend of mine. A friend I thought was perfect family man, husband and father turned out to be a pig, a real low pig of a bastard… sleeping… no, fucking with young girls at work… I love his wife. I respected him… and…

Today, on such a bright and sunny day I have a close friend in so much pain, sorrow, anguish. Her young daughter is throwing her life away over ‘pants’ and nobody can do anything about it. It’s like stopping a train… It will stop when it stops… We can’t help. We can just watch and watching is the worst…

What else? What else I can add to this perfect day? Nothing much. The day was perfect and bright. My mood was sunny and light. My thoughts were positive and had a promise of being creative. My surroundings decided otherwise.

bad day

How was your day?

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