Why do we bother to get up

I read today, and in several places that Laziness is related to high intelligence

So, why do we bother to get up in the morning? Why can’t we just sit and stare all day waiting for an apple to fall on our heads?

Wouldn’t it be nice to stay in bed all day? Wouldn’t it be super to snuggle on the couch with a good book? Wouldn’t it be amazing just to sit on the seashore and stare at the waves all day? Wouldn’t it?

I guess it would… for some people. And contrary to what the article says, a person, like myself, gets bored easily, gets tired of the same activity or non-activity for that matter very quickly and needs to be motivated, driven, excited, interested, pulled and pushed…

Let’s take a step back. I’ve seen really lazy people in my life. I’ve seen a man who could stay in bed all day watching TV and not even getting up to empty his ashtray. Then, my daughter can spend a whole day staring at her phone doing whatever she is doing there… However, I do not think any of those people, while engaged in their non-activities, came up with any brilliant or creative ideas. Their non-activities are rather ‘brain freeze’ state or as they call it ‘resting’.

I, on the other hand, like to move, like a variety, like to be engaged. I always do something. Sometimes, I am doing several things at the same time, Gemini I am. What I’ve noticed is that I get my ideas when and where I least expect them to come up. I can be on the train. I can be washing dishes. I can be driving somewhere or talking to someone. It hits me. I have to stop and write it down. Otherwise, my idea will be gone replaced with tens of other ideas newer, fresher, different.

Thus, my point is, laziness might be a sign of high intelligence, I won’t argue. However, as they say in Odessa, there is laziness and laziness. There is a huge difference between two. Don’t you think?

Yeah, let me know what you think. I’d love a good… lazy discussion)))


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