Zoosk my day away. A week (almost) on

What did I think? Why did I bother?

I am not a week in but am already feeling sorry for myself and feeling bad about wasting my time and money.

My self-esteem is not at it’s lowest obviously. I still have my standards and preferences. What is it with men in sunglasses. Do they really think they look so cool that all the single ladies out there would just drool over their blackened silvered or otherwise darkened half of the faces. Do they really think a grown up woman would pay attention to their photos if she can’t see their eyes?

Then, what is it with men with beards? I mean there are beards and there are beards. There are santa-claus beards and there are some hairs in the middle of the chin beards… very long ones at that. I might not be the most out-there person when it comes to fashion but those kind of beards on 40+ year old males… are worrying at best.

Then, then it is all this ‘equality crap’. Honestly, I am still expecting a man to make the first move. Am I too old? Am I too old-fashioned? Am I utterly naive and stupid. Whatever. I still want a man to say hello. I still expect them to say something witty, funny, exciting or even interesting instead of ‘wink wink’ or nothing… Most of the contenders just sit back waiting for me to write to them… What a load of…

However, what am I surprised at? I have a real case in real life… and how many… Too disappointing, too discouraging.

Remind me please, why am I zoosking myself?

I’m lost…

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