Once again with a feeling…

No, I am not going to break out in song and dance and put my family through unbearable torture of Musicals in my rendition… What I am talking about here is re-watching movies.

Until not so long ago I thought it was against the norm, the taste, the point. I never re-watched any movies with one and only exemption, Three Musketeers (1979, USSR).мои любимые I thought my step-father to be a bit… strange to keep watching the same movies again and again… Until…

One night there was As Good As It Gets on TV…. i (1)and I watched it for the… third time. Then, I re-watched The Holidayholiday. Then, it was The Saint the saintand many more…

As it turned out, it was absolutely worth it to re-watch the movies, most of them, anyway. I saw a different angle to a character. I heard some interesting phrase. I thought of an insight. I watched for love scenes and argument moments, meetings and partings, defenses and accusations. It was worth it.

It’s Four Weddings and the Funeralfour weddings on TV right now. I am watching it, sort of. And I tell you what, young Hugh Grant is an eye candy (I never actually thought this of him before). He has some funny lines. He has some lines that are worth remembering, like ‘would you like to come in and skulk for a while’…

Would you like to re-watch another movie? Which one will it be?

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