When do we give up?

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It’s Monday morning in Melbourne. The beginning of the week. The beginning of something exciting, interesting, wonderful – the beginning of NOW and THEN…

However, here I am, fresh out of shower. I haven’t had my water yet. I haven’t brewed my coffee yet. Here I am, sitting at the dining room table thinking of ‘when is it ok to give up’.

Yes, when is it?

When is it the right time to break off relationship? When is it safe to wind down a business? When is it all right to leave a project as not viable or not satisfying? When? How would one know?

So, the idea is to come up with a checklist of sorts. Once you come to the point when you start thinking of giving up, have a look at this checklist, tick of boxes and the decision would form itself… Why can’t it be that easy. It just might.



  1. Are you bored?
  2. Are you satisfied?
  3. Are you putting in more than you get?
  4. Is there a future you can see carrying on?
  5. What is going to happen if you carry on?
  6. What is going to happen if you stop?
  7. Are there any valuable lessons?
  8. If there are other people involved… No, do not start thinking these thoughts. Think ‘me-me-me’
  9. If you had a plan before you started, did you plan for this point?
  10. Are you hurting?

All of these points have either very simple and clear cut yes/no answer or a much more deeper soul-searching considerations. Some of these points allow for continuation. Some of them absolutely do not.

What got me on this not so positive mode this morning are my two ‘projects’. Both of them are worthy of giving up. One of them is way past due date for giving up.

I am sure most of you have a number of ‘projects’, relationships, ideas, situations that need to be re-considered. What a better day to do that than Monday. Start with something productive. Make a negative into a positive. Free some brain/soul space for yourself.

Read my checklist. Add your own points. Just remember one thing: if it does not give you joy, if it hurts you or makes you uncomfortable in any way… leave it. It’s your intuition way of saying ‘it’s not yours’

PLEASE NOTE: I am not talking people here. Giving up on people in your life is a completely different topic for another blog.

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