Why don’t you ‘dear diary’ me?

Why don’t you? Really?

Haven’t we all wanted to be Carrie Bradshaw at some point? Or may be Bridget Jones? By the way, have you read any of Carrie’s or Bridget’s stories? They are fun…

Coming back to the point of this post, if you, like myself, ever wanted to write a column or may be a regular journal/diary, what did you do?

Did you buy a nice journal to fill the pages? Did you open a Word doc and started clicking away on the keyboard? Yeah, I have done both of these things many time at different points in my life… Did you keep it up though? Did you persist? Did you have something to say every single day and actually wrote it down?

Today, however, my fingers started itching for something different. I decided to have a google if there is a software that would actually help me along. I started looking for software or even a template that would make journal-writing easier, that would keep me to the task… I have not found one. Let me know if you have.

Then, I thought about something I saw in the Julie and Julia movie recently: a countdown. May be what I need is a countdown, a challenge? May be I can be competitive enough to keep up with myself. Just may be…

This idea took me further inside of Google than I expected. I actually managed to find the original blog by Julie and numerous widgets for countdowns… but not what I needed.

I need something like: blog a day countdown or so many posts per day… Nothing like this around. NOTHING. Or may be I am not that technologically savvy to find one.

I promised myself not so long ago that I would write more, that I would write every day. I would write anything and everything that would come to mind… I would keep at it and will see where it takes me…

How about you?

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