Game of Thrones. My turn. Part 1

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Finally, it reached me. After all these years of hu-ha, of crazy followings, of pop culture referencing, of herds of followers, etc. it hit me.

What was the final push, you’d ask? You are not going to believe it, but it was Bad Moms the movie. One of the characters (boss) said something along the lines of, “We all have taken 2 weeks off when Snow died”…

Meaning Game of Thrones is so big, so important, so influential and so absorbing that whole offices are allowed to take time of to grieve a character.

GoT is what exactly?

  • TV adaptation of books?
  • Pulp Culture phenomenon
  • Or something else entirely.

Now, having watched 1 season and have started 2nd season (I’ve read the books a while ago), I am more inclined to think that is the THIRD option.

GoT is absolutely something else. It is HUMAN NATURE in pictures and characters, in words and sex scenes. It’s human nature at its worst and at it’s best.

game of thrones throne

There is no one truly good. There is no one to trust. Everybody is on to themselves, for themselves. Thirst for power, thirst for blood, thirst for love – they all lead to treachery, intrigues, plotting, torture and bloodshed. There is no limit to this thirst. There is no limit to its’ takings.

All the values are turned upside down. All relations, even blood, mean nothing. Every single deed or word is assessed, re-assessed and used against sayer/doer at any convenient moment.

Nothing is safe. Nothing is sacred. Nothing lasts.

Winter is coming, definitely…

game of thrones winter coming

Usually, when I am watching TV series or a movie I pick my favourites: good character and villain. Lately, this simple choice is becoming more and more complicated, as there are no clearly defined good or bad characters anymore.

GoT so far..: most hated character for me is Joffrey Baratheon

jeffrey got Would you agree? This is one sick puppy, on all accounts. I’ve tried to feel sorry for him (witch for mum and no father, child of incest…) but I can’t. He is what he is: a monster in the making.

My favourite so far is: Tyrion Lannister

tyrrion lanisterEven though he is not a night in shining armour, not a Prince Charming, not a Superman or even Batman or… all-around-good guy, he is super strong, super talented, super…. Well, he has a character. He has a back bone. He has charm and ability to see through people. He is… well, he is Tyrion…

This is me so far on GoT. I will keep you posted as I watch further… I am dreading all the bloodshed to come (I’ve read the books, you know)…


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