My stars are very much confused

What do you do when every Prophecy you’ve ever heard doesn’t come true?

prophecyI mean EVERY SINGLE ONE…

None of the horoscopes, Psychics, Mediums, Tarot Readers turned out to be right… Well, almost never.

The tendency is, the most recent experiences with esoteric and mystical turned out to me the most misses. I’m sorry, guys, but I am bad ad for your services, very bad.

Some of those experiences were so way off the target that it is funny. So, here is my question, WHY?

stars My stars are very much confused when it comes to relaying the information to me, here, down on Earth. They are sick and tired of me making wrong choices, taking wrong turns and pushing the lost causes.

horoscopeAll the horoscopes are so positive, up beat and steamy-dreamy that I get angry even opening a newspaper))). They all promise love and riches, success and passion. Well, promises are good. They are amazing. They are so positive and… bull)))

gadalkaI even considering purchasing a crystal ball myself. Having a very strong and talented Gypsy for great-grandmother, I believe I can do a better job than all of the esoteric professionals put together))). May be this is the reason, why they were so wrong: I am not letting them in and they have to reserve to speculating and making empty rosy guesses.

futureShall I make my own Prophecy to end this post? I guess, I shall.

Nobody knows future. We might guess. We might consider choices. We might speculate. However, the future is the trajectory of our choices. It is fluid and unstable. It all depends on our choices. And no one can program all the life’s choices for the lifetime ahead. We pick and choose. We stumble and get up again. We meet and and leave. We hurt and we are hurt…

I’d like for the future to remain unknown. I’d like it very much. Sometimes, of course, I want to know the answer here and now. I demand to know the outcome. I scream to find out what will happen next. However, it passes. Nothing is forever, right.

These musings of mine bring up a question: Why do we bother? Why do we bother looking for prophecies, for predictions, for premonitions? Are we so unhappy with here and now?

Live in the moment, they say…


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