Trotting the globe… through books

I live vicariously… through the books I read.

I travel far and wide.

I fall in love with countries and places. I smell coffee and sea. I see the sights and people. I want more.

I fell in love with Scotland through McCallum Smith’ Philosophical Society series.

sunday phil society

I started longing for Scandinavia through Lackberg and Millenium Trillogy

girl with the dragon tatoocamilla lackberg

I want to see London again through the eyes of Fiona Mackintosh

bye bye baby book

I am absolutely over heels in love with history, symbolism and beauty of Old Europe thanks to Dan Brown.

I’ve traveled far and wide. I am still trotting the globe. Sitting in my arm chair I am walking the streets of Oxford one day and flying from Washington to New Orleans the next. I see the places I want to get to. I know the places I want to see. I miss the places I’ve never seen…

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