My Family and Other Animals. The Durrells… what a joy

No, I am not writing a review on Durrell’s book. I am sorry to say, but I am yet to read them. I am simply sharing my joy and laughter caused by The Durrells the series.


Today I watched Episode 4 of the 1st season of the series. The more I watch the more I laugh. The more things I find sweet and funny.

As a ‘writeeverywhere’ person, I write everywhere. I write, I type, I scribble, I record my notes on voice app, I jot down ideas on scraps of paper… Well, I write. However, I have never every even thought of such amazing spots, places, positions and situations to write in


The Durrells gave me quite a number of ideas. They are inspiration really. The oldest son, Larry, the emerging writer is one funny character. He is so likable, so hopelessly funny and resourceful when it comes to his passion, writing.

I guess it is off to the beach with a parasol for me (as we don’t have any olive trees around)

I will keep watching and laughing. It’s a nice change


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