It’s Complicated…. not

One of the daily prompts on WordPress is Complicated.

Why did I pick it? Well, thank you for asking.

I absolutely love this word. I absolutely adore this concept. I absolutely hate it’s common usage and it’s popping up out and around everywhere it shouldn’t be.

its complicated.jpg

Remember this 2009 movie with Meryl Streep? I do. I have it on DVD. I loved it. I watched and re-watched it… It is truly ‘memorably hilarious’.

However, it broaches one very important point: COMPLICATED…

Is it? Is it really? When someone puts up a relationship status ‘complicated’ what do they mean? Are they almost single? Are they still married or in a relationship? Are they lost? Are they… players, cheaters, bastards, etc. (both sexes included). I am inclined to think the latter.

There is a joke that always comes to mind when something straightforward becomes ambiguous at best: You can’t be almost pregnant. You are either pregnant or you are not…

What does it mean? ‘It’s complicated’, how?

  • its-complicated-1I am separated/divorced but I am still sleeping with my ex-wife, ex-husband
  • I have a girlfriend but I am still looking around for better options, offers (my favourite)
  • I am single and I’ve met someone amazing but I am still coming back to familiar and comfortable sex with my ex


One response: It is not fair. It is absolutely not fair to the new people in your life. Also, it is unfair to you too.

Some things should never be complicated. Especially when it comes to other people. You are either in a relationship or you are not.

Let me un-complicate the complicated for you: Get out of the relationship. Get a rest. Get a break. Recover. Re-grow. Start a new relationship afresh. World will be grateful to you. Your Karma will be so much lighter for it.



2 thoughts on “It’s Complicated…. not

  1. Easy to say, not that much easy to do…our problem is that we do get used to some comfortable (once) shoes (a bag, a jamper, a guy)..they dont feet any more but they are full of memories and good feelings so we prefer to keep things complicated to please yourself

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  2. In my 69 years, 9 months of living all I can tell you this is what life is all about. In this day and age it should be easier with all the objects, things, brains, brawn, that is out there BUT they have made it much harder than what it should be. There’s an old song called “That’s Life”
    Info from That’s Life (song) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia's_Life_(song)
    “That’s Life” is a popular song written by Dean Kay and Kelly Gordon and first recorded by Marion Montgomery. The most famous version is by Frank Sinatra added it to his 1966 album.


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