Obvious order of things

An egg before a chicken or a chicken before an egg.

Eternal question with no clear answer.

Obvious order of things would be…

Yeah, there are as many variations as there are people on this planet. However, what I am talking about here is my obvious order of things Literary.

My obvious order is no order at all. Ha, right. Confused? So you shall be.

There are some books that I’ve read and I would never see a movie based on them. There are some movies I’ve seen and I would never bother reading a book now. But, there are movies I’ve seen that I want to read the books that they are based on, that they are referenced on and are connected to.

There are books I’ve read that I want to see all the adaptations, all the versions of… There are.

Want an example? Here is one I have prepared earlier.

Colin Firth’s Mr Darcy. Nope, not the 1995 TV Series Pride and Prejudice (we will come back to this later). Mr Darcy of Bridget Jones phenomenon. Modern Mr Darcy. Mark Darcy to be precise.

mr darcy 4.jpg

I saw the first Bridget Jones movie a long time ago (when it first came out). I wasn’t even a mother then. It (movie) did not register much. Just a nice, light comedy about Brits (my ex-husband being one)…

I did not see the second Bridget Jones movie until a couple of weeks ago, when one of the channels did a re-run before the Baby installment’s release…And off I went.

I went to see the preview of the Bridget Jones Baby and fell in love with Mr Darcy. I came home and re-watched first and second installment and fell in love with him some more.

mr-darcy-2How can you not fall in love with this ‘good boy’, who is almost emotionally and physically available…

How can you not dream of saying these words out loud in a similar circumstances?


Well, do you want to know what happened next? I decided that I absolutely have to write up something on Mr Darcy… but. In order to do that, I’ve decided, I absolutely have to read Bridget Jones books and … yeah, right Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

Here I’ve cheated a bit. I searched for the TV series of the novel… because I really needed to have a visual of Colin Firth’s other Mr Darcy

mr-darcy-1 How can you not, I ask of you?

So, here I am, reading Pride and Prejudice in Russian Translation (I can’t stomach Jane Austen’s original novel. The translation is so much lighter). I can’t wait to continue watching the series (I am keeping myself away until I finish the novel)


Then and only then I will read Bridget Jones books. Then and only then I will write something on Bridget Jones’ Mr Darcy)))…

Wrapping up, I’d like to say that there is an obvious order to my disorder… It’s such a disorder, such an unexpected turn of events, decisions, desires, impulses that some kind of order or a pattern just must be somewhere…

I guess, an obvious order of things Literary for me would be: like a character/actor and everything unfolds from here…

Stay tuned for more Mr Darcy))).


One thought on “Obvious order of things

  1. The latest Bridget fest is fabulours (Bridget Jones’ Baby). After 15 years she still has the same intelligent hilarity and ability to tug on our heartstrings. I loved it.


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