Taking the Edge off

Every now and then you feel like you’ve had it.

Every now and then you feel like this is it.

Every time when you are like that you can’t see an exit.

Every time you are lost you get lost even more

Every time you reach the limit you are looking

You are looking for something to take the Edge off

What will it be?

Can it be that you need some deep sleep?

May be some good wine and dinner?

May be, just may be a chocolate can make the horrid taste go away?

May be some coffee and rain can wash off your sorrows

Or accidental laughter and light conversation with stranger

You pick and choose your magic potions.

You decide on your remedy for the end of the world…


3 thoughts on “Taking the Edge off

  1. Love this poem, and it goes along so well with this week’s challenge. It really is up to us as to how we want to make things better in our life. Sometimes things might be out of our control, but it takes time to make things right. All we have to do is keep trying 🙂

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