Lost and confused minority… I am

I am not Lesbian

I am not Transgender

I am not Feminist

I am not a person of colour

I am not a refugee

I am not Muslim

I am not repressed, oppressed, exiled, unemployed, misplaced or homeless.

I am not mentally  ill or disabled

I am not left nor right. I do not belong to any political party.

I am none of the things that are hot topics now.

I am fully grown woman of 42. I am a single mother of 14 year old lady. I am a ‘Russian’ daughter to my Russian parents. I am first generation migrant from ex-USSR to Australia. I am heterosexual and am very disappointed in men (for obvious reasons). I am very much anti-Equality and anti-Political Correctness when it comes to relationships between people and between sexes.

I’ve worked all my life. I’ve worked and studied. I helped my parents to build our lives in Australia from nothing, absolutely nothing (couple of wet bags and $47 to our name). I built a house. I built a marriage. I am raising a child. I am raising her the way I was raised, with similar values.

I believe I am doing the right thing.

However, looking around me, reading the press, Twitter, Facebook, attending literary and cultural events, watching TV, interacting with people at work, I realise more and more each day that I am one lost and confused minority

When it comes to causes to fight, I’d like to fight for Family Values as I know them, for every woman’s right to be happy with a man, for every man to be raised to respect a woman, to support her, to provide for his family. I’d like to fight for support of mothers’ like myself, who do everything and give everything to their children without relying on government, child support or community support. I’d like to fight for heterosexuals of this world. We are truly becoming a minority. I’d like to defend my right to be a Russian Orthodox woman who is educated, intelligent, hard-worker, independent and self-reliant.

If there is Freedom of Speech and Expression, it has to work both ways, doesn’t it?

If there is such thing as Freedom at all, we are ALL free to be ourselves.

I used to be mainstream. Now I am not. Now I belong to the fraction of the society that is blamed for anything and everything. Now I belong to precious few who love good food and good books (light and silly books sometimes, but still books), who love comforts and luxuries we can afford ourselves. I love what I have and don’t need what I can’t.

Here, I’ve said it: I am white Middle Class woman with my Middle Class values and aspirations… If you know history, you should remember what happens to societies that have no middle class, that destroy their middle class in social and political battles… I do not want to see it happen in my lifetime or that of my children, grandchildren and so forth.

If all the so-called minorities have a right to defend their place, space and freedoms. Why don’t we?

we are lone

One thought on “Lost and confused minority… I am

  1. I can relate to 99.9% of your post (with an exception of living in New Zealand, being 41y.o.and not having a daughter). Can recognise the Russian blood in you, we always want to fight for something ..lol… it is scary to watch the world becoming what it is becoming. The only hope I have that humanity is developing in a spiral way…may be one day all lost values we believe in will raise again (possibly not in our lifetime)…really like your blog btw

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