Perfetti Sconosciuti. Perfect Strangers

perfect strangers italian.jpg

Una publica, una privata e una segreta

Today I had  Artist Date with myself. Actually, I had a movie date with my mum. But it turned out to very creativity-provoking event.

We went to see Perfect Strangers  movie (Lavazza Italian Film Festival 2016). Honestly, I did not know what to expect. I did not even read what the movie was about until we sat in the movie theater. I just wanted a day out with mum. I just wanted to see an Italian movie with Italian people, Italian Language and Italian Music. I wanted a ‘trip to Europe’ without leaving Melbourne.

What I got was an amazing, thought-provoking experience, a debate with my mum, a dilemma for me and my friends. Now, I am contemplating, thinking, considering, weighting all the pros and cons of the notion of ‘one public, one private and one secret’ persona. 

Do we all have all 3? Do we need all three? How do we juggle them? And, what’s more important, who are we? And who are the people around us?

Perfect Strangers starts off as a dinner game played among close friends: 3 couples and 1 single man. They have been friends for years. They know each other through and through. They have no secrets from each other and their respective half. Do they? Don’t they? What would their mobile phones put on the dinner table do to their friendships and relationships? What would SMS and phone calls reveal about all of them?

The whole movie is a revelation. Will the friends survive the game? Will the couples stay together? Do we have secrets from each other? Do we need them? Do we protect them or lay open?

Top it off with Italian Language, food, beautiful actors and unbelievably beautiful soundtrack, you’d get Perfect Strangers, my favorite of this festival so far. It’s a must see


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