My Digital Sabbatical. Day 1.

How do you start being offline? Are there any rules? Is there any protocol or etiquette to adhere to?

I don’t know. Thus, I am making it all up as I go.

This Saturday morning I turned off Wi-Fi and Mobile Data on my phone. I logged out of all the online accounts. I did not tell anyone… Well, I sent a message to one person who is overseas and who would not understand why I disappeared. That was all. And yes, I posted a blog on my upcoming experiment.

I survived the day. I actually did not even watched any movies or series online. I simply turned my laptop off.

However, one thing I did not do as I have promised, I did not write (handwritten that is) a blog post. I am doing it here and now. I guess I was too busy with ‘real’ things to find a good pen.

What was I busy with? First thing was I SLEPT IN. I really slept in. I woke up around 11 am. This is very unusual for a person who is used to waking up before 6 am every morning. I went out for brunch-lunch with my mum. We had a lazy walk on the beach afterwards. Then…

Then nothing happened, absolutely nothing. I read a bit. I watched a bit of TV. I ate. I cleaned the house. I moved furniture, vacuumed and dusted behind tallboys and cupboards. I re-arranged some of the drawers and… See, nothing happened on Saturday, absolutely nothing.

By the end of the day my brain was so empty, I could hear my blood pumping. I was exhausted, physically and… I had no thoughts in my head. What do they say ’empty your mind to let the new ideas in’… Let’s wait and see if I got any)


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