Are we old? How? BrAngelina reference.

How do we measure our oldness? How and when do we decide that this is it, we are no longer a ‘young generation’, no longer at forefront of society… How? Why? When? Who cares?


I read this article in one of the most ‘with it’ and ‘up there” magazines SNOB. It is basically on who cares about BrAngelina divorce and why. The point this article makes is that those people who do care, who do know who BrAjelina are and why their relationship is important are no longer the YOUNGER GENERATION. Younger generation of today simply does not care. They have their own standards and measurements for coolness, trendiness and importance. What was important for us, youngsters of 80s and 90s is not important or merely interesting for the youngsters of 00s and 10s.


Yeah, I can believe that. If I come home and ask my 14 y.o. daughter what she thinks of the whole BrAngelina thing and Jennifer Aniston I will get a blank stare. I would have to work real hard to bring up references she would understand. Ok, I can explain Jennifer Aniston to her (Adam Sandler made sure of that). I can explain Angelina (Who did not love Maleficent). However, I will find it extremely hard explaining Brad Pitt to her… May be in 10 years time, when she may has watched some of his works…


Anyhow, Victoria and her friends simply do not care. Do I? No, not really. What I do care about is my age and my aging. Am I old? Am I really that old to remember all pop culture references that come with this trio and many others like them (Friends, Buffy, Angel, 90210 and Melrose Place to name a few)

You know, may be I am too old for the younger generation of today. After all, I am mum and my daughter is 14. However, just put on Buffy or Angel and watch me…

However, to follow my own train of thought (if there was one to begin with), if our age and aging can be measured by pop culture references, then we are… as old as Buffy and Angel and many more like them.

One can say I still remember first couples on Melrose Place or I still remember Brandon pre-Kelly or Buffy pre-Spike. I am so old, I can remember Brad in Thelma and Louise and Johnny Depp in Cry Babyย And my faviourite, when I sing Boys, Boys, Boys my daughter thinks it’s Anna Semenovich’s song and not Sabrina’s of my youth.


5 thoughts on “Are we old? How? BrAngelina reference.

  1. I remember wanting to watch Buffy and Dawson’s Creek but being told I was too young for it. Haha, I’ve seen many of the films you listed, great choices. I got to say it pains me when I think of kids asking, “who is NYSNC?” They have their own heartthrobs but I’ll always have Mr. & Mrs. Smith. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for sharing. ๐Ÿ™‚

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