Write me a letter

handwriting-2Handwriting is a skill. Nowdays, it’s even a talent, a rarity, a gift. Beautiful handwriting is an art of it’s own. Some call it calligraphy and buy special pens and paper for the practice of it. Some, like myself, have been taught when we were kids. We can write beautifully. We can write clearly. We can write properly. How did we learn, is a different story…

The DailyPrompt was HANDWRITING and that’s what I do with it. I type up the post about handwriting. I clickety click with my fingers on keyboard. Sometimes I even think that typing anything up makes it so much more distant, impersonal, even if not objective, not really my own.

However, when I am writing, actually taking a pen and a notebook and scribble away, it is a different story.

imaginary-friend-1 Some scientists believe writing out your concerns, fears, emotions is helpful. It can help manage stress or get rid of it completely. Write yourself happy they say, why don’t you try.

I can add some personal insights to this recipe for stress remedy: hand write it out. Heart to the hand to the pen to the paper. It’s a circuit of hope, of a promise, of a release.

handwriting It does not matter how good or how bad your handwriting is. Sometimes, when I am really stressed or angry I can’t even decipher my own handwriting. But you know what, it still works. It still helps. You are not writing it to read it, you are writing it out, letting it all out…

Try it out. Your 20 minutes starts right now…



2 thoughts on “Write me a letter

  1. Couldn’t agree more. I try to hand write everything – it’s a dying art. It makes things more memorable and there is something beautiful about handwritten notes.

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  2. I love writing. I love signing birthday and thank you cards. I have a whole collection going at home…
    However, I caught myself thinking yesterday, that signing a card would be a waste of time… as people don’t keep them… What a life…

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