You’ve been dumped, enjoy

I really thought I would not write this post. However, the whole situation, no, the whole trend is so ridiculous that I had to share my thoughts on the matter.

Let me start by saying


I am happy and thankful to all the people who provided background material for this post. I wish them all the happiness in the world and everything they truly deserve.

Finding love is an amazing luck. Keeping love is complicated, involved and evolved labour. In our day and age both of these things are practically fairy tales and magical accidents. However, there are other things and not so happy accidents that go hand in hand with love and relationships.

Heartbreak, break up, betrayal and simply ‘not working out’. Ah, who can forget unrequited love… That one too does have a place in the universe of feelings and emotions. And there are many other creepy crawly, slimy and outright disgusting things we are all guilty off at one point of another in any relationship, right… Right. Anyhow, the topic of this blog is “BEING DUMPED”. There is a a post-thought, however, ENJOY.

Don’t call me crazy cold bitch just now. It is to be enjoyed. Being dumped in some instances is a godsend. Being dumped in some instances is not even really ‘being dumped’ as there was no relationship to begin with… yet. Thus, there are grounds for enjoyment, just trust me and you will see.

  1. You meet someone. You decide you like them. You want to see where it will take you
  2. You still like this same someone. Your interaction is evolving. You make plans
  3. Your plans can eventuate, can fall through, can change. There are million of choices here…
  4. For the purpose of this blog we choose…here is the interesting part: we can’t choose anything as we have not been given a chance to…

dumpedWhy? This is the first funny part: the person you are communicating with has talked himself/herself out of the plans you’ve made.

The second funny part is, he/she has done it without your involvement, really. This person has talked himself/herself out of the plans, out of liking you, etc by talking to themselves… Yeah. Sad, right. They just carried on conversation without any input from you, be it via SMS, messenger, viber or any other device or app. Well, it can even be done over the phone. Monologue is an art to be reckoned with, right? Right.

The third funny part: you might find out that you’ve been dumped way after the fact. What if you were in the meeting at work and had your phone off? What if you are not even allowed to have your phone on while you are at work? What if you had no connection? What if you were driving? There are millions of ‘what ifs’. So, you’ve been dumped and did not even know it.

Another funny part could be: you’ve been dumped hysterically. This is what really ticks me off lately. Such situation brings up my father in me: cold, dead cold, obnoxious, arrogant, ‘I know nothing’ ‘I feel nothing’ kind of person. I distant myself from hysteria at all times. I distant myself even more when it is male hysteria.

Situations like that make me draw very pessimistic conclusions: we women became so strong an male-like whereas men became very much lady-like in many instances. Hysteric outbreaks are becoming solely male domain. What a life…

So, what clearly follows from all my points is the fact that you should consider yourself lucky that you’ve been dumped there and then, before anything happened, before any promises and commitments, before ANYTHING. That’s what I meant when I said you should ‘enjoy’ being dumped.

However, you can thank your lucky stars for saving you a heartache and a headache, but… If this happens once, it is funny. What if it happens again and again? What conclusions would you draw? Are you a hysteria magnet? Are you a looser magnet? Are you a wrong polarity magnet and should lock yourself up completely?

mr-darcy-3No… way. I am still waiting for my DARCY moment)))




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