All the Rivers Run… trip back in time


Do you remember the mini-series The All Rivers Run? Do you even know of it? I do and I do.


It was one of the first glimpses into Australia for me. I was a kid, living in the USSR. We watched these TV series every night for as long as they were. I loved every minute of it. Every morning we would discuss previous episode at school… I went as far as calling one of my dolls Philadelphia (Delia for short). I still have that doll. That doll, like myself, has made it to Australia many years later…

Echuca is a nice country town in state of Victoria, Australia. Echuca is located on the banks of mighty Murray River. It has historic port. It has amazing food and wine (many wineries around). It has a character. It has, among several more, steam boat PS Pevensey (see the phto above) that was called Philadelphia in the tv-series. This boat was as important as any other character or even more.

The amazing bit is, you can still take a trip down memory lane walking along the port, taking a photo in historical costume, taking a ride on a steam boat, watching the river… run.


We did all of that and more. We took a ride on a steam boat. We stayed, of all places, at PHILADELPHIA Motor Inn. Even the password for our Wi-Fi was theallriversrun


I guess I just had myself a nice 3 days Digital Sabbatical))) in country Victoria. Plus, my daughter did not have internet access (wi-fi was practically non-existent at the motel)… What a joy. What a break..

Ah, yes. One more nice ‘finding’. I became a card-carrying club member of Heathcote Winery and came home with a few bottles of very nice wine…

I guess, change is good)))

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