When all else fails… watching Masha and Bear/Маша и Медведь

Masha i Medved


Once upon a time, when my daughter was still little somebody suggested we watch this Russian cartoon.. We did. We all did. Like the whole extended family. We liked it so much and nicknames for my daughter and my uncle became just that Masha and Bear (Masha i Medved). 

Victoria, my daughter, is Masha incarnated: cheeky, curious, super-active, imaginative, adaptable and a force to be reckoned with.

However, my daughter grew up too fast and to quickly, but Masha is still here. The cartoon became so popular it’s been translated into many languages and bought by many TV stations. We saw it on Bali, we saw it in Germany, we are seeing it here, in Australia.



Masha… well, she is such a Masha))). She is full of… everything and anything. She is tiny, cute as a button but such a little monster. Everything that comes out of her mouth is a quote to lighten a mood, to make you laugh, to make you laugh way past watching an episode.

masha-3 Thanks to youtube, I can get a dose of Masha any time I feel like it. I like it in the morning with my coffee before I leave for work. I love it the last thing at night after a long and complicated day.

Masha uncomplicates my life. She makes me laugh at such simple, silly, childish things. She makes my laugh louder, more sincere.


Thank you Masha


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