The Night is Dark and full of…

Because the Night is dark and full of terrors (c)…


I wanted to write a poetic dark post a la Poe. But looking outside my office window at grey rainy day in Melbourne, I’ve decided that the night terrors might as well disappear…

However, the night is still dark. That’s the whole point of it, of the night. And if we got rid of terrors, what else is there, in the night?

Dreams. Yes, night is the time and place for dreams. It’s an ideal situation, when you go to bed, fall asleep and have wonderfully light and colourful dreams. But what if all you have are nightmares?

What a cruel Joke of Gods, of Ancient Greek Gods that is, to call such a horrible phenomenon after such a beautiful animal. Demetra, you are cheeky woman

Anyhow, what if you are having nightmares night after night? What is then?

The night is the time and place for romance, for love, for music under the moonlight. Right? Right.

The night is the time for Magic and Supernatural

The night is the time for rest and preparation for the new day.

Because the night is so many things to so many people and in so many instances, we can safely conclude that Night is what we make of it (like everything else in this life)

The Night is Dark and Full of Promise…

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