Viva Italia

Once again, Lavazza Italian Film Festival is over. It is sad to let it go and wait for another year. It’s such a long time. Thankfully, some of the movies will stay back and will run throughout the year to keep us company.

lavazza 2016.png

Every year I wait for this Festival. This is my sort of trip to Italy with it’s music, Language, beautiful men and women, it’s passions and atmosphere, it’s food and wine. I love it. I really really do.

Every year I get myself a festival program and plan to see ALL OF THE MOVIES or most of them. I end up seeing 3-4, 5 at most. This year, well I say it every year, I enjoyed it immensely.

I saw Perfect Strangers mum: a movie about group of friends and their secrets. A must see for all of us.


I saw Where am I going? with my girlfriend. It’s a wonderful comedy of situations, of personalities and human need for stability at all cost. It’s a must see for all Public Servants)))


Also, I saw Daddy’s Girl (or more to the point Daddy’s Angels) modern age Fairytale about widowed father and his three kids who grew up spoiled brats. Poor father decided to teach his kids a lesson only to he taught a few himself. You can take your teenage kids along. I did. My daughter loved this movie. We both loved it, even the swear words. They sound so musically in Italian

  • stronzo
  • vaffanculo


And finally, I saw a movie by myself, only the lonely. I like to give myself a treat like this. I go to the movies by myself. I watch people around me. I get myself a treat and… relax and enjoy and enjoy I did.

I saw Ever been to the Moon? What can I say? I am smitten and am completely in love with Raoul Bova and want to see ALL the movies with this gorgeous guy.

The movie itself is yet another beautiful fairytale with a very modern happy end. It’s a reverse Cinderella of sorts. The setting, the music, actors… it’s all so very Italicious.



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