The best and the worst of readers’ blocks

There is such a thing as Reader’s Block. Yeah, right. Everyone knows about writer’s block. But not many people know of readers’ problem and even less people care about it.

However, being a very polygamous reader myself

14522765_10153983350913379_5619110231814063555_n.png I suffer from this infliction very often. Thinking about it, working though this damned block at every stumble, I came up with a list of sorts: when block happens, why and what are the worst and the best of them (why can’t a bad thing be a good thing that is)

Reader’s block happens when:

  • you have too many options and do not know what to choose
  • you have too little options and do not want to choose anything
  • you are too tired or stressed and can’t get involved in the story
  • the story is too predictable and you have to put the book down
  • the language of the writing is so not you… that you have to put the book down
  • you get disappointed in your favourite author or character (my, is there life after such a betrayal)

Reader’s block happens when you HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHAT YOU WANT TO READ… Simple?

Well, it is not

  • when I am tired I like to read crime fiction
  • when I am sad I like to read happy love stories
  • happy love stories make me even sadder and I crave for some bloody-gory historical fiction
  • if everything else fails, I reach for symbolism of Pearl and Brown or for psychology and esoteric revelations of Coelho and such.

So, in a few words

  • the best Reader’s block happens when you can stop and pick up a new book in a different genre
  • the worst Reader’s block is when you get disappointed in your favourite author (and you just bought all books in the series) – is there a life beyond this?)))

typewriter Any solutions? Any permanent solutions?.. I did not think so

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