The little things in life

Daily Prompt a while ago was My Precious. I missed out on writing a post then. I saw it again a few days ago. However, it did not hit my until today, walking to the office ‘yeah, right, I know what to write on that’.

my-preciousMy precious could be anything or anyone.

If we take the high road, MY PRECIOUS are definitely our kids, our parents and loved ones.

If we take the low road, the road we supposed to avoid in the era of Pieces, MY PRECIOUS can be anything from a ring (Hobbitian pan intended) to a car, to a house, to a bank account.

Yeah, we know all that. However (I just love this word, have you noticed?), what I am getting at, what came on to me as a sort of epiphany this morning is something entirely different

MY PRECIOUS – the words came into my head when I reached for… wait for it…


Yes, MY PRECIOUS is my big, hot, strong, reach LATTE in a take-away cup, from a place next door to my office. Why?

Here are my reasons

  • For me Coffee is a treat. I can have it or I can not
  • For me Coffee is a ritual: familiar place, familiar faces, favourite cafe, great service. I get of the train, walk to the office, stop by @CharlesLaTrobeCafe, get my coffee, get served by a team of gorgeous men – my morning is off to a good start
  • For me Coffee is so many things
    • reminds me of Old Town Riga (my hometown)
    • my childhood and long breakfasts with grandmother
    • different cafes and different places across the globe
    • places that I still want to go to and… have a coffee at
    • the beginning of a day
    • a treat (I’ve said that)
    • a break that I can afford to take anytime
    • a measure of a good drink, good place, good service
    • a beginning of something new

MY PRECIOUS is getting cold. So I am better to finish this off.

Have a great morning, everyone

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