When Childhood Ends…


When Childhood Ends you get very very lonely, lost, confused and.. yes, scared.

Childhood ends when your loved one die

Childhood ends when you are betrayed too many times

Childhood ends when you are disappointed in people

Childhood ends when you can’t trust no one

Childhood really ends when you adopt a rule of 4Ns (trust no one, rely on no one, expect nothing, let no one close)

Childhood ends when you realise that no matter how many people are in your friends or contact list, you are ABSOLUTELY ALONE when it comes to important events in your life.

Adulting sucks. It really really sucks. All the time.

helped and ignored.jpg

If none of your friends rang you on your Birthday (sms and facebook messages are impersonal ‘f”’offs’). If none of your friends came to the rescue when you needed them. If the road you are travelling is always one way. My advice to you GROW UP, CHILDHOOD HAS OFFICIALLY LEFT YOUR LIFE.

Even though you never wanted to grow up. Even though Peter Pan is your favourite superhero of all times. Even though… many many though. GROW UP AND FACE THIS COLD WORLD.

When Childhood Ends you become stronger with every failure and disappointed.

When Childhood ends you become wiser with every betrayal

When Childhood ends you love deeper and heal slower

When Childhood ends you grow up, but not necessarily grow old…

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